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Washington DC is rich with history, and why not add your couple’s history to the mix? As a Washington DC engagement photographer, there’s more than meets the eye here in the crown jewel of the US.  You’ll find romantic backdrops, sure, but you’ll also get a genuine experience that transforms your shoot to a memory you’ll treasure. Let’s see what Washington DC engagement photos look like!

The Character of DC

DC isn’t all bronze monuments. There’s so much character here. Where else in the US can you find old trees and climbing ivy AND marble with gold inlay columns? This city is so diverse and rich with layers and layers of history. If this city is important to you and your love story, why not highlight it in these photos you’ll keep forever?

Best Locations for Engagement Photos in DC

If you haven’t sold your soul to the cherry blossoms yet, there are tons of incredible locations for engagement photos. I always love Georgetown or Federal Hill for engagements, because they just seem charming. Or, you can check out my full list of location ideas! But don’t feel limited, because I’m always discovering new spots to love. For example, Alexis and Nic took their Washington DC engagement photos here at the National Gallery of Art. 

A Treat at the National Gallery of Art

I’m biased but I always have fun with my couples in Washington DC. With Alexis and Nic, we took these artistic photos inside the Gallery, but afterward, we found even more inspiration on the front lawn, and then we had to take a hotdog break! We finished our shoot with dancing and romantic shots on the steps. 

In DC, there’s so many cool spots, we can really take your photos from just another session to a fun memory for you and your person. I cannot tell you how much I enjoy working with couples as a Washington DC engagement photographer—sincerely!

Something for Every Couple In Washington DC Engagement Photos

Finally, what I can promise you is that no matter what your style is, you’re going to be happy you took your photos here in DC. Whether you’re going super formal in the Peabody Library or you’d prefer super casual next to a graffiti wall downtown, we’re gonna get you some pictures you love! 

So don’t wait to show off the ring in your Washington DC engagement photos. Book your next session with me as your Washington DC engagement photographer. Drop me a line here! 

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