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Historic Ellicott City


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We need to talk about historic Ellicott City. As a Baltimore wedding photographer, I’ve enjoyed special moments photographing in Ellicott City, and I love it even more because it’s my home! Originally founded in 1772, the city is known for its history and charm. But it’s been back in the spotlight for awhile, so let’s talk about what happened here.

Baltimore photographer captures historic Ellicott City landscape

What Happened in Ellicott City?

Long story short, Ellicott City had two “once in a lifetime” floods, only 2 years apart. The first happened in July 2016, and then again in May 2018. It made international news, so you may have even heard about them!

After the second flood, the town officials decided that in order to reduce the risk of loss of life in the future, the bottom part of Main Street would need to be removed to “daylight the stream.” Basically, that’s an urban planning term that means to restore a buried water course. It sounds like they’re going to widen the channel in Main Street, and then divert the water to prevent flooding.

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A Changing City

As you can imagine, this is a huge demolition project. The historic buildings are the main victim of it all. These buildings that are coming down are iconic to our town, so seeing them come down has been very emotional for everyone here. Here is a recent news article if you’re curious for more info. 

The city has brought in some experts to preserve the stone and other artifacts from these buildings. Of course we prioritize the safety of the community, but it’s still so heartbreaking to think that the city won’t look the same as it used to.

Baltimore photographer captures man holding woman's chin while she's smiling at him

Anniversary Photos in Historic Ellicott City

Jackie and Wes booked this session with me because the buildings are actually in the process of being torn down. They wanted photos there while the buildings are still up on Main Street. Jackie and Wes got married in Ellicott City so it’s super sentimental for them.

Their photos turned out beautifully, and I hope that their photos can preserve their wonderful memories in historic Ellicott City. For myself, I also plan to do “after” photos in the area once the demolition is complete. It can be so healing to create art–it’s a way to embrace change and look toward the future.

So, what are your feelings on Historic Ellicott City? Would you like to take Ellicott City photos after the renovation? If so, I’d love to hear from you. Drop me a line!

Baltimore Photographer captures couple walking hand in hand across crosswalk in Ellicott City

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