We’ll create magazine-worthy photos together because you deserve it.

We don’t do boring  photos here

I'm quirky, passionate and ready to become your bff because that's when the magic happens.

I'm here to empower you and of course to tell you what to do with your hands

My secret sauce is in our connection.

You want your photo memories to stand the test of time - because do you even remember where your first smart phone is with all of those pics you took on it?

Candid moments make you feel like someone is cutting onions (yes, I cry at every wedding!)

You don't mind my corny jokes

You value creativity & the investment of good art

You strive to live in the moment 

You value moments over perfection

Colors found in nature speak to your soul








We may be a good match if:

want to go grab a pizza & beer with me.. then donuts

pay it forward every chance you get

believe that love is stronger than hate

bonus points if you

published features

Home is where the heart is, and lucky for me I get to work and live in my favorite place on Earth: Historic Ellicott City, Maryland. There's something charming about the old mill town that feeds my soul and warms my heart. I get to wake up each day surrounded by a strong community that has been through so much. My street is lined with history, nature, good people and good food: what else could a girl need?

My photography style is very similar to the personality of my town: vibrant, moody and full of life. 

Did we just become best friends?

I want to become besties with your dog (and you, of course!)

PTSd survivor & advocate for better mental health care

I’m a first generation college & grad school graduate

I decided to move to Paris on a whim when I was 19 without knowing any French - parlez-vous français?!

Fuzzy socks are my jam

Pizza & donuts are my favorite foods (nom nom nom). Or really anything with cheese.

Yes I do this full-time! I truly feel like I have the best career in the world!

random facts about me

Let's do this!

Are you ready to make some magic together?