Baltimore photographers capture family standing against mural

FAQs For Family Sessions For Baltimore Photographers


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There are quite a few FAQs for family sessions that I get as Baltimore Photographer. And I love getting to assure my families that they are in good hands as I answer each questions. With that said, I realize that not everyone will reach out and ask. And I get it! That is why I am all about making the answers easy to access without reaching out. I’ll go over some of my most FAQs here, and anything else you want to know you can ask me their an inquiry!

Baltimore photographers capture family standing against mural

What Should We Wear?

I have SO MANY things I could say on this topic! But I already wrote a blog for that 😉 You can check it out here. In addition, ahead of your session I’ll provide you a guide that includes tips on what to wear along with a curated board of recommended pieces. When in doubt, Earth tones & neutrals are a great choice.

Baltimore Photographers capture young family walking together during family portraits

Where Should We Take Our Photos?

This is another one that I have lots of thoughts on. And it depends on so much!! Do you want an urban vibe or maybe something more organic? Do you have small children, or just the pets tagging along? There really are so many wonderful locations to choose from! I’ll send you a recommended locations guide for you to select the one that speaks to you the most and fits your family’s needs.

Baltimore Photographers capture couple sitting together while son rolls eyes

What Time Will Our Session Take Place?

Around here, we chase the sunlight! Typically, outdoor sessions are scheduled about an hour prior to sunset. This allows for that warm golden glow to really illuminate your photos. As for indoor sessions, they most commonly take place in the morning. Morning light is beautiful and will fill your home, or the studio, with a bright light that you wouldn’t be able to get any other time of day.

Baltimore photographers capture man and woman walking together and smiling

What Do I Do With My Hands? And What Do I Do My Kids?

Don’t worry, I’ve got you! I’ll guide you through the entire session and I promise you’ll leave with a smile on your face! And as far as kids go, I love the energy that kids bring! I’m well versed in working with children and will work some magic to get them engaged in a fun way. My biggest tip is to let them lead and embrace the candid moments.

Baltimore photographers capture sitting together outside little shop

FAQs For Family Sessions

Need to know More on mini sessions, when to book and other FAQs for family sessions? Visit my portraits page and don’t hesitate to reach out with any additional questions!

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