Baltimore photographers capture family standing together during fall family photos

Baltimore Photographers Tips For A Family Session


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There are a lot of Baltimore photographers who capture family photos throughout the year. And although we all offer a unique experience for our clients, we each have out own style to capture and document your current stage of life. I am all about getting candid and emotional images that will have the ability to transport you back in time to the moment. Here are my tips for a family session as a Baltimore photographer.

Baltimore Photographers capture family walking together holding hand


The outskirts of Baltimore is exceptionally pretty! From the darling parks, to the urban vibes of quaint towns. There is no doubt a lot of options when it comes to finding a location. But, when talking about a location for your family pictures, remember this, especially if you have small children.

Having a location with plenty of space for your kids to run around, explore and be themselves is key to a successful session. That is why it’s my favorite of all the tips for a family session. Not only will I be able to capture candid pictures of you all playing together, but there will also be less stress for you! You will be able to truly enjoy the time without worrying about what you children are getting into while taking couples photos, individual photos and all the shots in between.

Outfit Tips For A Family Session

Wearing comfortable clothing is another tip that you shouldn’t over look. Mostly because I want this to be the most enjoyable experience possible, and stiff clothing never makes for a good time. But also, because when you are uncomfortable during your family session, it will show through in your pictures.

If you are looking for comfortable, flattering and affordable options, then I am your girl! I put together two guides for photo shoot outfit inspiration. One is for Spring and Summer, while the other is for Autumn and Winter. Both offer inspo on how to pick your color palette, how to coordinate and of course quick links to some of my favorite pieces!

Baltimore photographers capture mom and dad playing with kids

Be Yourselves!

When you get together for a family session, it is not the time to shy away from expressing yourself! After all, the only way I can document those raw emotions between family members is if you wear your heart on your sleeve! So, get cozy, be close with each other, and really just embrace the moment!

In addition to being close, don’t be afraid to get silly! Play with your kids like you do at home, have those silly conversations and tell jokes. Just playing around will give you and your kids not only the opportunity to capture candid laughs and smiles. But it will also create memories for you family!

Did you like these tips for a family session? Ready to get in touch? Drop me a line and let’s meet up!

Baltimore photographers capture family holding hands and walking together

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