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Baltimore Wedding Photographers FAQs


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Like many Baltimore Wedding Photographers, I get a lot of questions! Everything from my processes during booking, to my behavior on your wedding day. And I invite all questions to come my way, because at the end of the day, this is your wedding! So I am open to answer all of your questions, concerns and inquiries. Because I am all about making your Baltimore wedding as comfortable and as amazing as it can be! So let’s jump into some of my most frequently asked questions from couples.

Baltimore photographers captures bride and groom dancing at their reception with twinkle lights overhead  with bride holding her grooms cheek as they embrace one another

Are You Willing to Travel As A Baltimore Wedding Photographers?

Absolutely! Name the place and I’ll have my bags ready to go! Don’t get me wrong, I adore capturing love stories in Maryland and northern Virginia. This part of the country is absolutely stunning with so much character. However, I will always be down to travel for destination weddings. And if your location is on my bucket list you’ll receive special pricing!

bride and groom groom posing together in a grand foyer with their bridal party all standing together captured by Baltimore photographers

Do You Work With Couples Who Identify As LGBTQ+?

I hate that this even has to be a question, but the answer is 100% yes! Brittany Dunbar Photography welcomes ALL people! As long as you are in love and wanting epic photos, I’m the Baltimore Wedding Photographer for you!

lgbtq wedding with lesbian couple standing together during their ceremony in the woods with the light shining through the leaves of the trees behind them

Can You Shoot In A Dark Venue?

Absolutely! I’m skilled in many lighting techniques and I use a combination of natural lighting + flash photography as needed. Please note that each lighting situation is unique, resulting in a variety of looks within the same event. 

Baltimore wedding photographers captures unique wedding photography at Maryland wedding venue with bride and groom sitting together at the bottom of a spiral staircase

What Is your Style As A Baltimore Wedding Photographers?

My shooting style prioritizes moments over perfection. I balance blending into the background + getting in the mix depending on the situation. My focus is making sure we document your day without making it feel like a movie production. 

When editing I match the vibe of each person’s story/vision so that it’s truly a personal experience. Overall my photos are vibrant, edgy & full of emotion. 

bride and groom holding hands and walking through their bridal party as they raise their hands over the couples head and cheers captured by Baltimore photographers

Do You Offer Advances Editing Or Retouching?

Every image you’ll receive is edited for correct composition, exposure and color to match my editing style as a Baltimore Wedding Photographer. I’ll commonly remove small blemishes or other distractions within an image as I see fit. Advanced editing/retouching may be requested for an additional fee. Examples include adding or removing people/large objects from a photo, modifications to a person’s body, etc. 
I do not deliver unedited or raw images.

fall wedding in Baltimore with bride and groom holding each other and laughing in the woods for their fall wedding pictures with Baltimore photographers

Do You Have Back Up Gear & Insurance?

You betcha! I have professional grade backups of all of my main gear including camera bodies, lenses, flashes, batteries, memory cards, etc. I take my responsibility to capture your wedding day very seriously, and that is why I have invested in quality backup gear.

If your venue is requesting your Baltimore Wedding Photographers insurance it let me know and I’ll send you over a copy of my policy.  

lgbtq wedding with couple sitting on a bench in a greenhouse cuddling for their bridal portraits with 
Baltimore wedding photographers

When Will I Receive My Images From My Baltimore Wedding Photographers?

Each wedding gallery is curated to tell a story through the best images of your day. As a Baltimore Wedding Photographer this is my pride and joy. To deliver a gallery that tells your story through authentic moments. This process takes approximately 12 weeks. Prior to that you’ll receive a preview gallery with some sneak peeks from your day!

Baltimore photographers captures bride and groom standing together in a courtyard garden looking to the distance with their Baltimore wedding venues behind them with palm trees in the garden

Will You Tear Up the Dance Floor With us?

Girl you know it! I am all about the celebration 🎉 But also, I am all about getting those candid, up close images. When you look back at your wedding album I want you to feel like you are back in that moment. So that means I have to get into that moment for you!

wedding guest dancing on the floor during a Baltimore wedding reception

How Do I Work With You?

Drop me a line and let’s chat! I’m all yours upon the receipt of a retainer and signed contract. My entire booking process is electronic to make things super easy for you!

black and white wedding photos with bride and groom holding hands and kissing with the camera angle from below looking up at the couple captured by Baltimore photographers

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