Baltimore Photographers Guide To Newborn Photo Outfits


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Some of the most precious moments I get to capture as a Baltimore photographer are with you and your newborn baby. Whether that is with an in home session, or in studio. Photographing families as they begin to grow, and continue to grow, is such an honor. And with that, I want you to feel beautiful and confident during your session. So here are some of my tips for newborn photo outfits.

Color Palettes

To start planning your newborn photo outfits, I suggest considering your color palette first. Neutrals and earth tones are best. Not only are these tones timeless, but they also look good on everyone! Even if you and your partner are different color seasons you can both look great! One of you can lean into a warmer earth tone, while the other leans into the cooler. You will compliment your tones while staying in the same palette as each other.


For the love of all things good, do not match! Matching shirts/outfits are a cute idea, but they never photograph well. It is better to coordinate within a color palette, and pick outfits that compliment each other. For example, mom wears a sage green dress, while dad wears a flannel that incorporates some green. Together you will look more styled, creating more high end images.

A great way to coordinate, and not match, is by adding in a subtle print. As well as incorporating organic textures. The variety of prints and textures will bring interest to the images in an elusive way. In addition, you can layer items of clothing to add more dimension to an individual outfit.

Newborn Photo Outfits For Mom

You literally just had a baby. Stay comfortable and slip into a flowy dress. Not only will this be more comfortable, but it will be flattering! Find a dress that either hits you at the waist, or right under your bust, for a more attractive silhouette. And a little slit is always a good idea! So look for a dress that incorporate a bit of a slip to show off a little leg.

Newborn Photo Outfits For Dad

The biggest tip I can give for the men is to avoid text/logos! There are tons of comfortable options that do not display their brand on their apparel. Look for something with a chest pocket, buttons, or sleeves you can roll up.

For The Kids

In addition to sticking to the color palette, I suggest you find children’s clothes that are comfortable and easy to move in. Avoid anything that is too structured, or is a material your child isn’t used to. Then let them try on their newborn photo outfits before the session to be sure they are comfortable and confident in their new look!

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