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What Makes A Good Wedding Dance Floor?


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What’s the best part of a wedding? Is it the ceremony, the vows, the food? How about the dance floor! This is the part of your reception when you and everyone you love celebrate together!! But what makes for an exceptional wedding dance floor? Let’s explore it from the POV of your Baltimore wedding photographer!


We all know that lighting sets the mood. So what mood do you want to create for your reception? Maybe create a cool ambiance with disco balls or RGB LED lights. And really celebrate with a party vibe! Or, lower the venue’s overhead lighting and amp up the sparkle with some wall-to-wall string lights for a romantic ambiance.

Entertainment and Music

A great way to add your personal flavor to your wedding dance floor is to hire your own live music! A live band is sure to entertain your guests and get the party rolling. If a live band isn’t in the budget for you, a DJ can play all your favorite jams! 

Depending on your venue, you may be able to bring and play your own music—remember to include oldies as well as recent hits to appeal to every guest!  

Pump Up the Props On Your Wedding Dance Floor

If you want more engagement from your guests on your wedding dance floor, consider bringing props like sunglasses, light up glasses, light sticks, glow up bracelets, or glow sticks. These are such a fun addition to any reception and really brings out more personality in your guests! Not to mention, you will get some pretty epic images!

The Right Moves

In addition to bringing in the party through props and music. Consider having a touch of sentiment with first dances. Typically these are between the bride and groom, the bride and her father, as well as the groom and his mother. Start the wedding dance floor off with these soft and intimate moments, and then bring the party in!

Wedding Dance Floor Outfit Change

Last but definitely not least, consider an outfit change! This is something we typically see with the bride, but honestly, this is such a fun trend for both the bride and groom. Having an outfit change for your reception can get you into a more comfortable look so that you can truly embrace the party.

Need more wedding tips from your Baltimore wedding photographer? Reach out, and let’s chat.

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