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Looking for a little inspiration for your next fall or winter photo shoot outfit? Whether you are planning your annual family photos, engagement photos, branding or anything in between, I have everything you need to look your best and feel comfortable during your session with me!

Top 10 Tips for Planning Your Fall or Winter Photo Shoot Outfit Inspiration for Families and Couples

  1. Pick a fall or winter color palette
  2. Coordinate over matching
  3. Choose a mix of patterns and solids
  4. Accessorize
  5. Keep your outfits timeless
  6. Shoes matter
  7. Textures and layers
  8. Consider your location
  9. Check the weather
  10. Be yourself!

1. Pick a fall or winter color palette

My editing style is velvety and moody which speaks to the rich colors found in nature. In order to make sure your photos have that same pop of color, I recommend wearing Earthy and neutral tones. I feel they look great one everyone and they stand the test of time. Look around your house to see what colors are found most often. This can help you narrow down which palette will look best for when you print and hang the photos in your home. A few of my favorite fall/winter color palettes are:

  • Dark neutrals with green and/or burgundy
  • Mustard and rust with browns
  • Deep jewel tones
  • Light neutrals with navy blue and/or cranberry

Dark Neutrals with Green and/or Burgundy

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Mustard and Rust with Browns

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Deep Jewel Tones

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Light Neutrals with Navy Blue and/or Cranberry

Click here to shop the light neutrals with navy blue and/or cranberry palette!

2. Coordinate over Matching

Wear colors that complement one another without matching too much. Try picking out one or two main colors and pair it with a neutral counterpart.

3. Choose a Mix of Patterns and Solids

Patterns can be visually pleasing and add personality to the photos. If one person is wearing a solid, try to place the other person in a coordinating pattern. Avoid patterns that clash with one another.

4. Accessorize

If you’re wearing primarily neutrals try adding a splash of color with an accessory. Some examples include a fun hat, scarf, jewelry, textured layers, etc. You don’t want to have too many extras because they can be distracting but having a little extra touch can help make your photos interesting.

5. Keep Your Outfits Timeless

I recommend shying away from clothing with brands, logos, graphics or slogans in large print as well as neon colors. You don’t want to look back on your photos and feel like they’re outdated due to a clothing choice.

6. Shoes Matter

Shoes can make or break an outfit. They can be an easy way to add personality to the photos but can distract from the main subject if they don’t coordinate well or you’re not comfortable in them. I suggest sport sneakers and all white shoes.

7. Textures and Layers

Just like patterns and accessories, textures and layers can help make your photos more visually appealing. Try layering, picking outfits with different fabrics and pick dresses that have flow and allow us to create movement.

8. Consider Your Location

Try to complement your wardrobe to your surrounding. For example, if we’re shooting on a cobblestone street or in a field shy away from heels that are hard to walk in. Additionally, if you’re looking for lifestyle photos with movement think about clothes that will adopt to being able to sit down, move around, etc.

9. Check the Weather

In the fall we may have some warm days still or a cold front. Plan for various outfit options and layers so you can easily adjust. The more comfortable you are the more natural your photos will look.

10. Be Yourself, No matter Your Photo Shoot Outfit!

Most importantly, wear something that feels like you! If an outfit is too tight, itchy or just doesn’t feel right then you won’t be able to truly relax which will show in your photos. Wear what feels right for YOU!

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