Baltimore wedding photographers capture florist installing floral piece

Branding Photos For Baltimore Florist


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I’ve been doing more branding work for small businesses recently and one I’d like to highlight is Gott Efni! It’s a small plant & flower shop here in Ellicott City, MD. This shop is so charming and the owner is simply wonderful to work with, so it was awesome to be able to work with her to highlight this business I love so much! Roses, tulips, and twinkle lights! Join me as I explain how we got the perfect mix for their branding photos.

Baltimore wedding photographers capture florist installing floral piece at event

Branding Magic

Branding photos are so important. Along with giving credibility to your services, branding photos set the tone for your clients! Whenever a client schedules a branding session, we have to match the vibes of the business through photography.

Gott Efni is known for the whimsical, romantic feel of their small shop, so we tried to replicate that in the photos. I added a soft blur on many of the photos, and emphasized the natural tones in the color palette. Another key to success? Fun props like moss, lace, and balloons contributed playfulness to the locations.

Baltimore wedding photographers capture fairy lights and flowers at event

Branding Photos Backdrops and Locations

A variety of backdrops create interesting and dynamic branding photos. I tagged along to Woodberry with the Gott Efni folks, and that space was so right for this brand! Red brick and dark woods really added contrast to the beautiful arrangements they had put together.

After Woodberry, we got some outdoor photos. The textured cloth and green greens created a cottage-y, fairytale backdrop. There was a swing, there were mushrooms, it doesn’t get better. And our last space was an event space, decorated antique-maximalist with glasswork, vintage machinery, gilded picture frames–the space spoke for itself, frankly.

Even with the diversity of settings, I felt so confident because there is not one setting that doesn’t meld perfectly with the vision and creativity of Gott Efni. But space alone doesn’t make the shoot, so let’s talk about people.

Creating Personalized Branding Photos

When capturing owners and employees of small businesses, we want to be simultaneously professional and authentic. For Gott Efni, we decided to take a portrait of each employee to show the faces behind the business. These photos feel personal and fun.

With individual shots taken, we had to capture the full group. Some were posed. Most were not. The authentic relationships between coworkers shines through, and we saw that these ladies are equally as fond of each other as they are passionate about their work.

Baltimore wedding photographers capture group of women standing together

With these branding photos in hand, Gott Efni has a full gallery of photos showing their unique take on florals! These photos can be used in promotional material, websites, social media, and as examples of the products they provide. They set a tone and expectation for their customers, and all-in-all become a wonderful investment into the growth of their business.

Are you searching for the right fit for branding photos? I am available for branding, engagement, and Baltimore wedding photography! Drop me a line and let’s work together soon!

Baltimore wedding photographers capture hutch with flowers

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