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What To Bring In Your Baltimore Bride Bag


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I have worked with dozens of brides, as well I have been a bride myself recently! And both as a bride and a Baltimore wedding photographer I have seen what items help most on the day of your wedding. Whether those being bridal essentials while getting ready, or simple ways to refresh yourself through the day. I even have a few bonus items to enhance your ceremony and reception! Let’s dive in and find what items you need to have in your Baltimore bride bag.

Getting Ready

The morning of your wedding can really set the tone for your entire wedding day. If you run late the morning of your wedding, everything else will run late. And if you feel prepared and confident, they that feeling will carry through the rest of the day! The following are items that I personally recommend to help set your wedding day in the right direction.

Maryland wedding photographer captures bride getting into her wedding dress in front of a mirror with a bridesmaid helping her zip up the back

Bobby Pins: For just $10 you will have enough pins with such a variety of colors that you and your bridesmaids will be set!

Blotting Paper: Consider carrying along natural blotting papers in your Baltimore bride bag. These are awesome for blotting away any oils or sweat that accumulate throughout the day, for both brides and grooms!

Clear Lash Glue: For my lash wearing girls, be sure to bring along extra lash glue just in lace!

Heel Stoppers: These are essential, especially for outdoor weddings. They are clear protectors to place on your heel so that you won’t sink into the grass or other terrain.

Foot Cushions: You will be on your feet all day long! So spend the extra dollars on foot cushions you can easily slip into your heels for added comfort.

Anti-Blister Balm: Body Glide really perfected this foot balm! Avoid uncomfortable blisters by applying it at the beginning of the day, and reapplying as needed.

Anti-Chafe & Moisturizing Balm: Again, this Body Glide product is amazing! Avoid chafing literally anywhere on your body with this miracle balm!

Razors: These mini razors by Venus are a lifesaver for brides. They are compact and get the job done, whether you need to quickly touch up or you totally missed a leg!

Maryland wedding photographer captures detail shot of engagement ring sitting on a flower in the brides bouquet

Mini Lint Roller: Love this tiny lint roller for bridesmaids dresses, suits and just about everything in between.

Tide To Go: Remove stains quickly through out the day with Tide’s instant stain removing wipes. I promise you will not regret bringing these along!

Handheld Garment Steamer: You may just want two or three of these! They are great for bridal gowns, suits and veils. I recommend having one or two for the grooms suite, and two to four for the bridal suite, depending on party size.

Boob Tape: No matter what the style of your dress or bridesmaids dresses, you will want to bring along some boob tape! I personally love this brand and recommend it, but if you already have a brand oyu love and trust, then go with what you know!

Invisible Tape: In addition to boob tape, bride along some invisible tape to keep gowns in place.

Sunscreen: This is a must for outdoor weddings. Dry-touch, non-greasy, waterproof sunscreen will protect your skin without any of the cons of traditional oily sunscreen.

Insect Repellent: Repel mosquitos, ticks, gnats and fleas with this aloe insect repellent. This is a must have for summer and outdoor weddings!

Travel Lotion: These are great while getting ready to ensure your skin stays hydrated, as well as easy to pass out to your bridesmaids or groomsmen.

Maryland wedding photographer captures bridal party raising their hands over the bride and groom as they walk through the tunnel their bridal party has created with their arms and kiss for wedding photos

Liquid IV: If you haven’t tried this hydration multiplier already, you are really missing out! With tons of flavors like passion fruit, lemon lime and acai berry, you are sure to find one you love. In addition, they are so easy to carry and slip into water bottles.

Alka-Seltzer: These hangover relief tablets can be a real life saver, especially for those who choose to party the night before the wedding.

TUMS: You never know when you will have tummy issues, whether it was dinner the night before or nerves the morning of. These soft chew TUMS are like candy, and they work so well!

Mouthwash: I’m obsessed with this mouthwash! If it isn’t this specific brand, then be sure to bring one you love.

Listerine PocketPaks: For fresh breathe all day carry these little cool mint pocket paks from Listerine.

Teeth Whitening: Enhance you smile with this quick and easy teeth whitening kit!

Minimergency Kit: This kit is awesome as an all in one for your Baltimore bride bag. There are 21 essentials in this small packet including earring backs, minty floss, bandaids and so much more.

Travel Size First Aid Kit: Having a first aid kit on hand is always a good idea! And these mini travel size ones are perfect!

Maryland wedding photographer captures bride and groom walking through their bridal party as they all raise their arms in the air at a Baltimore wedding venue

Ceremony & Reception

These items may not make life easier, but they will make your ceremony and reception so much more fun! Adding little personal touches and bits of entertainment for your guests. These are the types of items that will create even more memories for both you and your guests.

Custom Handkerchief: This is the perfect gift for your parents and in-laws. You can add a custom note to be embroidered on a handkerchief for them to use during your ceremony.

Dried Flowers: Whether you are planning on having a grand exit at your ceremony, or your reception, consider 100% biodegradable dried flowers. Not only are these great for the environment, but they also add such a unique and beautiful touch to your day.

Confetti Cones: These are darling cones that you can use to hold the dried flowers.

bride and groom exiting their wedding ceremony as their guests through floral on them at a Baltimore wedding venue with Maryland wedding photographer

LED Wands: For a night time exit look into these cool LED Fiber Optic Wands. They come in bulk and can double as a party favor for your guests.

Betsy Johnson Sneakers: Get out of your heels and slip into these stunning crystal sneakers by Betsy Johnson. They are perfect for dancing the night away!

Clear Umbrella: I cannot recommend this item enough! Incase it rains on your wedding day, you will be so glad that you have these. Not only to keep you dry, but they look amazing in photos!

Note: I may receive a small commission from the purchases made through the links on this page.

These essentials will offer you peace of mind the morning of your wedding, as well as throughout the day. Your Baltimore bride bag will be filled with items that are useful and compact, which is exactly what you need! And as always if you have questions or are looking for your Baltimore wedding photographer, reach out!

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