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Wedding Day Timeline Example


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A marriage is a once-in-a-lifetime event, and as most couples don’t have experience in wedding planning, it’s hard to know what you’ll need. As a Baltimore wedding photographer, I’ve noticed that 99% of my couples are unsure about the wedding day timeline creation. They don’t know what they need to hire a photographer for, or how long they’ll need me! 

Wedding day photography pricing is a composite of our hours worked for the event, travel, and the amount of photos we return back to you. We offer a variety of packages and add-ons to suit your needs perfectly. So, how can you figure out what you need and make the best choice? Consider the following questions to help:

How Many Locations Will You Have at Your Wedding Event?

If your getting-readies, ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception are all at separate locations, you’ll need to include travel time for your photography team in your wedding day timeline. Alternatively, determine which locations require photography and which really won’t. 

Are You Including a First Look?

If you’re including a First Look or another planned moment before your ceremony and reception, you’ll need to make sure your photographer and videographer are present. I have an example of a wedding day timeline with a first look and without at the end of this blog!

Will You Have a Religious Ceremony?

Religious ceremonies tend to be longer than non-religious, so plan on more hours of coverage if you’re going that route. 

What’s the Vibe for the Reception? 

Are you anticipating an energetic crowd and packed dance floor? If so, you might need more coverage for the reception. (Remember, we also offer add-ons like our photobooth to help you capture your guests’ experience.)

What’s Important to Photograph?

Determine what’s important to you to have documented. If you’re satisfied with photography of the main events, decide together which events are going to be photographed and when. If you are going to want literally everything photographed, from Mama’s teary eyes when she zips up the dress until to the final guests’ wave goodbye, that’s great too! Plan for a lot of photography coverage so we don’t miss anything. 

As you’ve answered these questions, you’re probably getting a better picture on how to plan your wedding day timeline. Of course, I am here to help you plan and customize your timeline when you book with me! Are you ready to explore your amazing photography options? Drop a line and let’s chat.

Wedding Day Timeline Examples

Here are examples of your wedding day timeline may look like with and without a first look. Of course, these are samples and can be adjusted to fit your individual needs.

Wedding Timeline With A First Look

2:30pm – Getting ready & detail photos

3:20pm – Hair & makeup completes

3:30pm – Both partners get dressed

4:00pm – First look

4:15pm – Wedding party photos

4:45pm – Newlywed portraits

5:30pm – Guest begin to arrive

6:00pm – Ceremony

6:30pm – Cocktail hour & family portraits

7:25pm – Reception begins; guests take their seats

7:30pm – Newlywed & wedding party introductions

7:35pm – Welcome toast

7:40pm – Dinner service begins

7:45pm – Newlywed sunset portraits

8:20pm – Speeches /Toasts

8:40pm – First dance

8:45pm – Parent dances

8:50pm – Dance floor opens

8:50pm – Cake /dessert cutting

9:00pm – Newlywed night portrait

10:30pm – Last call

11:00pm – Reception ends

Wedding Timeline Without A First Look

2:30pm – Getting ready & detail photos

3:20pm – Hair & makeup completes

3:30pm – Both partners get dressed

4:00pm – Photos of each partner & their respective wedding pa

4:30pm – Guest begin to arrive

5:00pm – Ceremony

5:30pm – Cocktail hour: Newlywed, full wedding party & family p

7:00pm – Reception begins; guests take their seats

7:05pm – Newlywed & wedding party introductions

7:10pm – Welcome toast

7:15pm – Dinner service begins

7:45pm – Newlywed sunset portraits

8:00pm – Speeches /Toasts

8:20pm – First dance

8:25pm – Parent dances

8:30pm – Dance floor opens

8:35pm – Newlywed night portrait

10:30pm – Last call

11:00pm – Reception ends

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