Baltimore photographers photographs bridal portraits at the Belvedere wedding venue with groom embracing bride as he stands behind her in their ceremony hall with a chandelier lit above head

The Belvedere Wedding Venue


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The Belvedere wedding venue in Baltimore is full of elegance and character. Recently, my work as a Baltimore wedding photographer treated me to this beautiful venue! Let me share some of the stunning backdrops we captured for Emily and Josh’s wedding. 

About the Belvedere Wedding Venue

The Baltimore Belvedere has an impressive history; the building hosted many U.S. presidents when it was operating as a hotel! Nestled right in the heart of downtown Baltimore, MD, it now serves the community as an icon of old Baltimore. 

Originally built in 1903, this venue showcases marble floors and columns, gold accent work, decorative moldings, and Art Nouveau detailing. You feel almost royal as you walk through the murals and sculptures that uniquely adorn each room. This handsome couple fit in perfectly!

Another great part of a Belvedere wedding is the building’s facade. All carved stone and this lovely gold awning. All the photos we took here are just timeless! You can’t get married at the Belvedere without an image like this. 

Amenities Offered at the Belvedere Wedding Venue

A reservation with the Belvedere ensures you’ll get the best of care. You’ll get to custom-set the floor plan, a three-course tasting for two, and guidance and coordination up from planning to the event. 

A wedding at the Belvedere includes a ceremony, cocktail hour, and a three-hour reception. Couples are offered a parlor space for getting ready. The day-of event includes glassware, china, and your choice of black or ivory table linens, as well as bar and catering staff. 

A Special Surprise at the Reception

Working with Josh and Emily was really great, and I especially loved all the fun we had with the portraits. Maybe you noticed, but the groom was wearing his Orioles gear with the socks and the cufflinks! Well, his bride really loves him, because she surprised Josh by bringing the Baltimore Orioles mascot to the reception! It was also so funny for the guests, and I got a kick out of taking the extra pics. Look at that grin!

It’s times like these when I love being a Baltimore wedding photographer! If you’re booking the Belvedere wedding venue, reach out! I’d love to photograph your wedding–and every other special moment!

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