Maryland photographer captures parents sitting on an outdoor seat together with their child in their laps

Fall Family Pictures In Maryland

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Fall in Maryland may just be the most magical experience you ever have! From the chill breeze, to the bold colors of the foliage and trees. Everything is stunning in the warm glow of the late afternoon sun. Making fall family pictures some of my favorites! Here is a mid-fall family session that will blow you away.

What To Wear

For your fall family pictures the most important thing to remember when it comes to your wardrobe is to wear something that makes you feel both comfortable and confident. If you are uncomfortable or unsure with how you look, it can show through in your images. And before anything else I want to capture you and how happy you are in this moment in life.

While planning family outfits, don’t match! Instead, try coordinating your outfits with one another. The Dawson Family did this perfectly! Between the warm and cool tones that compliment each other, and the bold pattern on their sons shirt. It was the perfect combination for their fall family pictures!

Where To Have Fall Family Pictures

As a Maryland photographer I have found some gorgeous locations for family pictures over the years. I personally love the downtown scene of many small towns, such as Ellicott City. This is just something iconic about its old world charm and the many small shops. I also enjoy taking family portraits in gardens, parks and other nature filled locations.

For the Dawsons we started in a park near their home. It was absolutely beautiful with colorful leaves and bright green grass. It was also such a great location to play and catch some candid shots. Then we moved to their house to capture a few images in front of the family home. I love getting to photographs families in front of their homes. As it is such a special place that you will never want to forget!

Poses & Props

Every family is different, meaning every session will be custom to you! Depending on the stage in life you are in will depend a lot of posing and props. I try to always have a good variety of posed portraits, as well as candid moments between family members. In addition, I typically don’t advice having many props as they can date your gallery’s images.

I loved getting to capture both posed and candid moments with the Dawsons. Because they have a young child, I leaned more towards candid images. Even when I posed them it was like a game to play. This was perfect as it helped their son feel more comfortable, and got me a lot of big smiles! As far as props, we used a large blanket during their session. This was perfect for sitting on in the pile of fall leaves. As well as playing with for some of those well loved candid images!

No matter the season, I am down to capture your family and the beautiful stage of life you are in right now! Reach out and let’s chat.

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