Baltimore wedding photographers capture bride wearing white gloves and wedding dress

What To Expect From Getting Ready Photos


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Many Baltimore wedding photographers I have noticed that getting ready photos have gained popularity over the years, and rightfully so! Capturing the essence of the wedding day in photos is a unique and beautiful way to remember the little things. All the moments leading up to your vows and reception, as well as all the time in between, are what make your wedding day irreplaceable.

Baltimore wedding photographers capture bride putting earrings on getting ready for wedding

Detail Shots

Detail shots are something I will take care of while you are getting ready the morning of your wedding. These include photos of your shoes, wedding dress, rings, and so much more. They are all the things that are instrumental to you getting ready, but before you actually put them on. Having detail shots captures everything in pristine condition. These photos will help you to remember the anticipation from the morning of your wedding.

In addition to documenting the individual pieces, detail shots also showcase the overall aesthetic of your wedding. You can show off your color palette and carefully chosen details. This way, you have a time capsule of all the details and overall vibe of your wedding day each time you look back on your detail shots.

Baltimore wedding photographers capture bride getting zipped into wedding dress

Bride’s Getting Ready Photos

Another part of getting ready photos is capturing you as you actually get ready. These photographs are great for candid shots and emotional moments. From sitting to chat with your grandmother about her marriage, to having your sister zip up your gown. These are the memories that are irreplaceable.

Getting Ready Photos With The Bridesmaids

Life gets busy, making it hard to spend time with all of your favorite people at once! Take this time to enjoy each other while I capture you and your friends. You will cherish these memories for decades to come, and they will become even more meaningful with time.


Most often, we will take your bridal photos after you get ready and have a first look, but before the ceremony. However, some timelines don’t work out this way. Either way, we will get some bridal photos in before your reception! I like to bring both the bride and groom for these so we can get individuals, but more importantly, you two together.

My favorite way to capture bridals is to go on a walk around the city together. This way, we get great candid photos, a variety of backdrops, and a really fun experience that is away from the chaos of your wedding venue. Of course, we will photograph at your venue as well, but this urban vibe is my favorite!

Getting ready photos are meant to be candid and relaxed. Capturing the essence of your wedding day, as well as the memories that will be cherished for generations. Are you ready to book your Baltimore wedding photographer? Drop me a line, and let’s get started.

Baltimore wedding photographers capture bride and groom outdoor forest bridals

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