What Does A Baltimore Wedding Coordinator Do?


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In Baltimore weddings, getting the right people (on the right budget) to help you organize your dream wedding is SO important. But it can be confusing to know who you should hire! Everyone who works in weddings really just wants you to have the best experience, myself included. So let me clarify some things about a Baltimore wedding coordinator to help you make the best choice. 

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What Does a Day-of Coordinator Do? 

One term you may hear is a “day-of” coordinator; you’ll often see this on venue brochures. A day-of coordinator is hired by the venue to help couples manage venue-specific services and coordinate hired vendors, like caterers or designers. They’ll probably meet with you only once or twice before the day of your wedding. 

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What Does a Wedding Coordinator Do?

So what does a wedding coordinator do? A wedding coordinator is hired by the bride and groom to help them manage the many working parts of their wedding day. A wedding coordinator is advantageous if you want to handle your own wedding plans, but you need support to keep up with the nitty-gritties. 

In my experience as a Baltimore wedding photographer, here are a few roles that a wedding coordinator will take on. 

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Address Contracts and Details 

A wedding coordinator will meet with you four weeks before your wedding day to talk with you about your vendors. They’ll help you straighten out the details of each contract, particularly making sure that each vendor is paid on time. Your wedding coordinator is concerned with how things will come together practically. They’ll speak up if they see a detail has been overlooked. 

Plan Logistics

A wedding coordinator will help you plan the logistics of your vendors. What shipments will be received in advance? Who will be there on wedding day, and what time will they need to arrive to the venue? How will each vendor’s items be arranged on the floor? A wedding coordinator will ensure you’ve got a plan. 

Manage the Rehearsal Dinner

A wedding coordinator will be at the heart of your rehearsal dinner, making sure things are lined up and ready for your big day. All last-minute wrinkles are worked out. On the day of your wedding, expect your coordinator to be working their magic while you enjoy sharing every moment with your fiancé. 

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Baltimore Wedding Coordinator

As a Baltimore wedding photographer, I’m happy to work with day-of coordinators, wedding coordinators, and whoever else you’ve got on your team. We all work together to make sure you can relax and enjoy your beautiful wedding day. 

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