Bride tops on her groom shoulders as he faces the other way for a surprise first look before the wedding ceremony photographed by Maryland wedding photographer

Wedding First Look Alternatives


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You will never get back the first moments you have together on your wedding day. And trust me when I say that you will want to preserve that moment in time and relive it for decades to come! However, traditional wedding day first looks are not for everyone. As a Baltimore wedding photographer these are some of the beat first look alternatives that I have seen over the years. Which one will you use?

Baltimore wedding photographer captures bride and groom posing together outside of their Baltimore wedding venue with twinkle lights overhead with groom in a red suit and bride in a lace dress

Private Wedding First Look

Walking down the aisle for your big reveal, may not be for you. And that is okay! Having private wedding day first looks is a trend that we love, and for so many reasons. Meeting together the morning of your wedding can helps settle any nerves that you may be experiencing. In addition, it gives you more time to be together and really embrace your wedding day with just the two of you! Not to mention, you are sure to get some killer images from these moments!

bride holding one arm around her groom's shoulder while she holds his other hand and smiles as he kisses her on the cheek captured by Maryland wedding photographer

First Touch

Keep the magic of the first look , but still have a moment together. A first touch is when you can’t see your significant other, but you still get to connect with a touch of the hand. I usually see this done with each individual standing on opposite sides of a wall or curtain. These wedding photos always turn out so beautifully as it is such an intimate moment.

bride and groom standing on opposite sides of a door together and holding hands for their first touch photographed by Maryland wedding photographer

First Prayer

Creating sacred moments on your wedding day will lead to lasting sentimental memories. For every couple this looks different, however many couples opt to have a first prayer together before their ceremony. Having a first prayer together can be such a powerful moment, leading to authentic photos. As well, you can pair this with a first look or a first touch.

bride and groom holding hands with the trees overhead captured by Maryland wedding photographer

First Read

If you and your person connect on an intellectual level, consider a first read. This is an alternative for a wedding day first look that you can make all your own. As there are many options to choose from. You can read private vows to each other, letters from each other or any other sentimental item like lyrics to song or even a poem.

Maryland wedding photographer captures a letter one bride wrote to the other sitting next to florals on a desk

First Gifts

For my couples that have gift giving as their love language, then this is the wedding first look you should consider! Again, you have the option to pair this with an actual first look, or keep it private. Gift each other something meaningful that will remind you of your wedding day and love for each other. You can even add a letter for a first read as well!

Maryland wedding photographer captures first look between bride and groom outside of their wedding venue with groom holding the brides arms up to get a look at her wedding dress

First Dance

This wedding day first look is so fun and care free, I am obsessed! Paired with a private first look, have a first dance together. You can do this with a favorite song, or simply without any music at all. While dancing you can talk with each other and really ground yourselves for the upcoming events. Who ever said that you can only dance at your reception anyway?

wedding first look alternative with bride adn groom dancing in the woods before their ceremony captured by Maryland wedding photographer

The first moments of your wedding day with each other will set the atmosphere for the rest of the day. So make sure you choose a wedding day first look that fits your vibe. And as always, hit me up for a chat for your wedding photography needs!

Maryland wedding photographer captures bridal photos with groom holding his brides hand and leading her through a garden

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