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The Rosemary Wedding Venue In Marshall, VA


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If you’ve fallen in love with all things whimsy and cottage core, why not show it off on your wedding day? The historic Rosemary wedding venue is sure to check all your boxes! I was just there with Kelsey and Nicole as their Baltimore wedding photographer, so check it out.

Location of the Rosemary Wedding Venue

Originally constructed in 1805 in Marshall, Virginia, the Rosemary Boutique Lodging and Event Venue has a style all its own. It’s a home-turned-hotel in the quieter side of town. You’ll find it on the west side of the city, off W Main Street. Flying in? Expect about an hour’s drive from the airport in Washington DC.

The Rosemary wedding venue is part of the Rooms Up There Lodging, offering three unique rooms for a private getaway. So why not stay awhile?

Amenities Offered at the Rosemary Wedding Venue

What amenities are offered at the Rosemary? If you decide to have your wedding here, you can choose to host your ceremony on the grounds, in the Greenhouse, or in the Drawing Room. Each location is endlessly charming. 

Your reception of up to 40 guests will be furnished with tables and chairs, and you’ll get access to the kitchen, plus one of the rooms to act as your bridal suite. If you’re planning an intimate celebration with your friends and family, this is an excellent choice. 

Your Photos at the Rosemary Wedding Venue in Marshall, VA

Finally, the Rosemary is picturesque, inside and out. I really enjoyed all of the unique backdrops available here. We had white-painted wood framing, climbing ivy, and red brick. Exposed beamwork and rich wood enhance the outdoor greenhouse. It’s beautifully wild and rural. 

Inside, ornamental crown molding and eclectic décor pairs with vibrant herringbone floors and tons of greenery. I loved how these pictures turned out for Kelsey and Nicole. Each backdrop is full of personality. 

Can you picture you and your other half here at the Rosemary wedding venue? Let me be your Baltimore wedding photographer and let’s capture your beautiful moments together! Drop me a line here to book your session. 

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