Baltimore photographers capture mom and dad holding baby in nursery

Newborn Photos At Home


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When you have a new baby, you want to preserve every minute with them. The newborn stage goes by way too fast! But, Baltimore photographers like me know how hard it can be to bring out a new baby to a photography studio, so we offer newborn photos at home. Read on to see why you should plan to stay in for your newborn session. 

Baltimore photographers capture newborn photos with baby hands

Keep Mom and Baby Comfortable

Our number one priority in your photography session is to keep you comfortable, and that’s much easier to do at home. No worries about fluctuating temperatures, packing heavy bags, or working around schedules. We can chill on your couch, and you can take nursing breaks whenever you need to. 

Don’t Worry About Dressing Up

At home, your photos don’t require looking stuffy. Dress casually, like sweats, socks, and a plain t-shirt. You can definitely look comfy in your own home; in fact, your session will be better for it! And no worries if you need to change outfits–you’re at home, and all your backup looks are just a closet away. 

Baltimore photographers capture father kissing mother's cheek while holding baby

Show Off Your Nursery Style

Next, we know that you put a lot of thought into making the perfect nursery for baby. I know tons of moms that commissioned personalized art for their newborn! There’s so much cute stuff and it feels like no one gets to see it. Easy solution: show it off in your newborn photos at home. 

Plus, do you have a special stuffed animal or blanket from a dear family member? Or any heirlooms? Let’s show off your family connections through photos in your nursery. We’d love to capture these important moments for you. 

Baltimore photographers capture parents sitting on rug holding newborn

Include Your Kids & Pets

If you’ve got older kids, it can be easy to include them in your newborn photos at home. Again, no worries about hauling bags or bringing snacks! Everybody’s already at home, and natural smiles will come easier in your most familiar location. 

Or, do you have pets that you’d like to include? Cats and dogs might make a special appearance in your newborn photos. However you choose to include your family at home, your newborn photos will be all the better for it. 

Baltimore photographers capture newborn toes and details

Plan ahead to have your newborn photos at home. And don’t forget to meet with your Baltimore photographers so we can plan for the right lighting and equipment. Drop me a line, I’m ready to work with you and your family during this special time! 

Baltimore photographers capture baby sleeping wearing black hat

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