Maryland wedding photographer captures couple hugging during golden hour portraits

Maryland Wedding Photographer Farm Wedding | Jordan & Lawrence


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A perfectly country farm wedding, here in Maryland? You bet! As a Maryland wedding photographer I love getting to capture the details that make a wedding unique and inspiring. I am so excited to share the highlights of Jordan and Lawrence’s country chic wedding with you!

Maryland wedding photographer captures couple standing in front of barn


This couple got married on the bride’s family farm in Mt. Airy, Maryland. As a Maryland wedding photographer, I loved the idea of getting married away from a traditional venue, especially at a place that is so close to the bride’s heart!

Maryland wedding photographer captures couple running through field together

Burnt Orange Country Chic Wedding Details

I loved the country chic style of Jordan and Lawrence’s wedding! Her color palette and details were both gorgeous and fun. Maryland wedding photographers see so many innovative weddings, and I just know that showing off these cute ideas is sure to inspire you too.

Maryland wedding photographer captures groom kissing bride's forehead in black and white portrait


You seriously cannot miss the opportunity to wear boots on your wedding day! Jordan wore these white boots with floral embroidery. Tell me why this pair is literally the cutest idea I’ve ever seen! They totally match her colors, and they’re a great way to represent her family background on the farm. 

Maryland wedding photographer captures cowboy boots with embroidery on it


Jordan and Lawrence’s flower arrangements have got to be the blueprint for country chic. The bouquets were done in organic colors: those reds and yellows you’d see looking out over a field. For the bride, special accent pieces included grasses, berries, and even pheasant feathers. 

Maryland wedding photographer captures bride holding bouquet with bridesmaids


The cake itself was traditional, three circle tiers and a topper, but they added in their own flair. A rich burnt orange layer made a statement, and the cake showcased gold leaf and fresh florals. Instead of the fuss of distributing the wedding cake itself, prepared cupcakes make an easy-to-serve—and delicious—alternative. 

Maryland wedding photographer captures bride and groom kissing after cutting cake


The wedding arch was full of western flavor. A wagon wheel, a rack of antlers, and pampas grass adorned the front, and they even had a cowhide. Interestingly, at the back of the location, two weathered double doors acted as an entryway to the ceremony! Under the open sky, it kind of created a faux-chapel look. 

Maryland wedding photographer captures bride and groom holding hands at alter

Champagne Seating Chart

Okay, okay, last detail! Jordan and Lawrence used champagne glasses as wedding escort cards at the beginning of the reception! So fun, so cute, and such a great way to tell your guests they’re here to celebrate!

Maryland wedding photographer captures bookshelf filled with glasses for wedding guests

Maryland Wedding Photographer

I’m so happy for this beautiful couple. It was a privilege to be there on their wedding day, and I wish them all the best in their journey together. Because let’s face it, they started this new chapter in the best way possible!

Has this wedding inspired you to plan your own country chic details? Let me know! I’d love to be your Maryland wedding photographer—drop me a line!

Maryland wedding photographer captures couple hugging during golden hour portraits
Maryland wedding photographer captures groom hugging bride at sunset

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