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One thing I love about being a Maryland wedding photographer is the opportunity I have to meet with so many wonderful couples and witness their unique love and family. Recently I was able to take photos with Teresa and Liam at their chapel wedding in Towson, MD. This wedding was so sweet, so romantic, and I want to share it with you…and maybe persuade you to say “I do” in a chapel wedding here in Maryland! 

Chapels are Affordable

First, having a chapel wedding can be so affordable in contrast to other venues. Many times chapels will allow use of the space for low charge, or even free if you attend the congregation there. Plus, you may be able to save on officiant fees if you have your priest or pastor marry you in your local chapel. 

Chapel Weddings are Intimate

As a Maryland wedding photographer, I totally love the intimate feeling of a local chapel! This chapel was so cozy, they only brought their closest family and friends for the ceremony. Smaller chapel ceremonies can feel more personal than bigger weddings, too. Chapels like this one are full of beautiful wood and stone work, statues, and stained glass to accent the romance of your ceremony. 

Meaningful Ceremony in a Chapel

Next, many people hold their faith close to their heart, and entering a marriage with the love of your life definitely feels like something you should seal with a chapel blessing. If your church and your faith is a huge part of your life, don’t feel pressured to say “I do” anywhere BUT your chapel. It can be one of the most meaningful places for a couple to promise their lives to each other.

Connect to Tradition with a Chapel

Tradition is another huge part of weddings, and choosing a chapel for your ceremony pays homage to your family culture, and history. As a Maryland wedding photographer, it is so exciting when I learn that a couple remembers their parents or grandparents were married in the same place as they are—or said the same vows to each other at the altar.

Chapel weddings like Teresa and Liam’s can be another link in a chain of tradition. It can feel so great to be a part of family lines. These moments are ones that will last for generations! 

So, are you planning a chapel wedding? Invite me to be your Maryland wedding photographer, I’d love to photograph your unique chapel wedding. Reach out here!

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