Baltimore photographers capture child running through Sunflower Field photos

Baltimore Photographers Sunflower Field Photoshoot Outfits

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Late summer and early fall should be a season all to itself. The warmth from the summer lingers, as the fall vibes begin to roll in! And like many Baltimore Photographers, I always enjoy this time of year for the sunflower fields and all the photo possibilities that lie ahead! Whether you are planning a family session or couples photography, here a few suggestions for planning your sunflower field photoshoot outfits.

Baltimore photographers capture mother holding baby in the air during sunflower field photos

Light Neutrals

If you know me, you know I adore a good neutral color palette! You can lean towards warmer or cooler tones within the neutrals. Or you can easily add a bit of color to your neutral color palette. However, when it comes to a sunflower field photoshoot, I definitely recommend light neutrals over darker neutrals. This will add more contrast between you and the field of flowers, allowing you to really stand out in every image!

Baltimore photographers capture child running through Sunflower Field photos

Adding Color To Your Sunflower Field Photoshoot

Like I mentioned, it is so easy to add a bit of color to a light neutral color palette. This will add a bit of dimension and variety within your images. And in my time as a Baltimore Photographer, I have found that certain colors work better for sunflower field photoshoot.

Burnt Orange

To really stand out against the greens and yellows of a sun flower field, consider adding a bit of burnt orange to your wardrobe. This warm tone compliments not only your surroundings, but also the light neutrals of the rest of your family’s outfits. All while giving a more boho vibe to the session.

Baltimore photographers capture man holding woman's belly during maternity photos in sunflower field


Another warm tone that we can’t get enough of are burgundies. This deep wine color adds a sense of elegance with its rich hues. I especially love adding burgundy styles into your children’s clothing, as it can be a lot harder to stain compared to the lighter neutrals.

Baltimore photographers capture mom standing with son during outdoor sunflower photos


If warmer hues are not your thing, then stick with a classic blue. Dusty and “Bridgerton” blues are on trend right now, and for good reason! Much like neutrals, these blues truly stand the test of time and look great in most environments.

Baltimore photographers capture man hugging woman's pregnant belly

Sunflower Field Photoshoot

If you are wanting family photos, engagement photos, or even bridal portraits. A sunflower field photoshoot may just be the type of session you are looking for! In addition to the natural beauty in these fields of florals and sunsets. You will also find a feeling of whimsy. Giving you more than just photos, but a magical end of summer memory!

Its about that time of year for a sunflower field photoshoot, so reach out! I would love to capture you with your favorite people in such a stunning location.

Baltimore photographers capture child playing in dirt while couple embraces

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